Baby Bottle Warmer and Food Warmers

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You can leave the bottle warmer on the side switched on, with your baby's bottle in, and you are ready to go as soon as your little one needs feeding.

The bottle warmer has a dial which changes the temperature from warm, to a rather hot for when you are in a hurry! You will be surprised at how warm they can actually get making it easy to warm up chilled milk from a fridge at a quick, safe and easy pace.


Using a bottle warmer is a much safer way to heat your baby's milk as it is a gradual process. Using a microwave can cause hot spots within your baby's milk, which can be dangerous toward your baby's mouth. Also waiting for a kettle to boil then allowing the milk to cool down can seem like a lifetime when you have a hungry baby.


You can use the bottle warmer in any room, which makes those night feeds less hassle, as the bottle will already be at the desired temperature for your baby.

You can also use the bottle warmer for heating your child's baby food. You can easily fit a baby jar, or pot within the bottle warmer. Again bring it to the desired temperature without over heating parts of the food a much safer alternative to the microwave.  So even when your baby is no longer using a bottle, the bottle warmer can still be of great use to you for their food.


There are various types of bottle warmers. Some are battery powered, this meaning they are easy to carry around the house due to having no wires, and even packing it into your changing bag to use when on the move. This is very handy if you are out and there are no coffee shops or retailers that can assist you with warming you baby's bottle. There is also the type that you plug into the mains, which can come in both single and double sizes. Great for if you have twins!

There is even a car bottle warmer that plugs into the car adaptor outlets and will fit snugly into a cup holder.


All in all a bottle warmer really is a life saver for new mums that want to focus on their baby and know that this is a safe and easy product to use. Having all the help you can get as a mum is a must. Even more good news is that generally, bottle warmers are inexpensive, and for what they do, and the amount they are used they are great value for money.

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Baby Bottle Warmer and Food Warmers

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This article was published on 2011/07/25