Ensure Equipment Upkeep with CMMS Software

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Every factory no matter what you produce relies heavily on machines. Very few things are produced without machines and that is why companies spend so much money on these tools more than any other. If you own a company that manufactures and sells something as simple as barbeque sauce you need machines that will cook the sauce, clean the bottles, pour the sauce into the bottles, put the label on the bottles, put the lid on the bottles, package the bottles and then finally ship the bottles. That can mean anywhere from a few to dozens of machines that you need have in your factory and they all have to be working properly in order for production to go smoothly. Can you continue to sell barbeque sauce if the machine that tightens the lids on the bottles is no longer working? Or maybe the machine that pours the sauce into the bottles isn't working correctly, can you keep production going? Of course not, so it's safe to say that if one of those goes down then the whole production line begins to struggle.

So how do you keep your machines from breaking down, obviously you cannot look into the future. Well actually you can in a way thanks to CMMS and Equipment maintenance software.

Imagine owning a car that told you when you needed to put air in the tires, needed an oil change, and needed a tune up. Imagine a car that would know when a valve or hose was going to crack or burst and would tell you when to replace it ahead of time. That would save you a lot of money and time in repairs because you could get everything fixed before it broke down. What would be cheaper, knowing a single hose in your car was about to crack and replacing it or having it crack and paying for the replacement plus repairs to other damage it caused? It's pretty obvious and that's why you need to find the problem before it occurs. That's difficult to do with machines but CMMS can help you out with that. They can help monitor the machines in your factory and tell you when they will need maintenance and possibly repairs. This process will help you avoid the major meltdown or breaking. It may not help you to save a lot of money but it will help you keep production running smoothly and that will make you more money in the long run.

Equipment maintenance software is great because it eliminates a lot of the guessing work. You can take three hours of preventative maintenance in order to fix a problem before it becomes something that needs an entire day or even an entire week to fix or replace. Replacing a part or even an entire machine could take a week or longer, and there is not one machine that can falter and your production line can still work. You need to have every machine working at its best in order to make money and if one goes down everything goes down. Losing a machine because you failed to use preventative maintenance is very irritating and costly, so avoid that by having the right software.

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Ensure Equipment Upkeep with CMMS Software

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This article was published on 2011/07/10